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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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exceptions to this new naked rule. >> reporter: that's right. the public nudity ban brought fireworks moments after they approved it. >> this is a war house. this is not a legitimate government. >> reporter: anger, outburst and nudity. >> the body is beautiful. the healthy expression of nudity is beautiful. >> reporter: as san francisco's board of supervisors narrowly passed a ban on public nudity. supervisor scott weiner brought it after complaints. enthrone we've always had occasional random nudity. that was fine. no one had a problem. but in the last couple of years it's gone well beyond that to the paintpoint where in the castro it's seven days a week. >> reporter: it sponsored nude protests last week. >> i am concerned about civil liberties and free speech. i am concerned about just changing san francisco's style
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and how we are as a city. >> reporter: progressive supervisors criticized the proposal but it passed 6 to 5 to cheers and jeers. >> it's telling people they should be ashamed to be naked. that's wrong. >> this is our city. this is why people are here. it's offensive to you, don't live here. >> reporter: a legal team is seeking an injunction against the man arguing it infringes on free speech. >> why is it that nude expressive speech is okay if the city says it's all right. but it's not okay on castro street. >> reporter: the ban does permit public nudity at certain permitted events. if enacted the ban would take place on february 1st of next year. a final vote is scheduled for next week. >> we are on storm watch as a
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front of significant rain takes aim at the bay area. we have live team coverage. john sasaki is in the north bay where it's been raining all day. we start with chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the storm. >> showers throughout the bay area. we've been light and have be ahead of the front. not really the storm that's been in mill valley or oakland yet. just some drizzle and low clouds have created wet roadways. alameda right there. not significant rainfall but light rainfall. when you go north is where you see the real rain. that's significant rainfall. the front lines right about here. see those yellows? that's rain coming down moderate to heavy at times. that front is working its way slowly south. you say what's happening in san jose. san jose is, they've had moisture. but it hasn't been raining. it won't start raining for a
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while. san francisco is about to get hit with showers. we'll have details in about 10 minutes. whether it's raining in the north bay right now. john sasaki is live with the impact it's having. >> reporter: we're at lagoon park. you can see that the rain is coming down just a little bit right now. all day in marine the rain has be coming and going. at times steady but mostly intermittent drizzle. this sparked a rush for service at tire pro store. many drivers coming in for tuneups and maintenance before the thanksgiving day get away. the manager said it'd be a much longer day than normal. the rain slowed a big shopping
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day. many folks were getting ready for thursday's big feast picking up all the necessities. not discolonelled by the rain one bit. >> the weather does play a bit of a role this year because the rain has been a little late if coming. slippery streets. people are more cognizant of the fact their tires need to be attended to. >> it's watering all the plants and flowers and food. but it's a mob in there. >> reporter: we stopped at a christmas tree lot where some folks were getting the lot ready for the big day. the big opening day on friday. they were braving that weather and digging through muddy earth to find a power source for the lighting system. we saw two big rigs roll up carrying 1200 trees that were arriving just in time for the day after thanksgiving. >> four water main breaks flooded streets and homes
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across the bay area this morning. two 8-inch water lain main lines. this is the scene where a water main burst about 15 homes temporarily lost water service. san jose crew history to repair a 12-inch water main on story road. no homes were damaged there. water department officials have not yet said what caused any of this morning's breaks. is on storm watch tonight. you'll find live radar and you can track road conditions and other effects from the rain. >> the picket line is coming down and port of oakland truckers and long shoremen are getting back to work tonight after a day long strike stopped work. eric rasmussen is live with the last minute deal that ended this strike earlier than expected. >> reporter: union workers told me they were prepared to be out here until 8 or 9:00 tonight. about 90 minutes ago both sides
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reached a deal to go back to the bargaining table. it means the port is open for business. as workers continue joining the picket line at the port of oakland we broke the news that union leaders and port officials reached a deal to resume contract talks. >> it's great. we have achieved what we set out to do. >> reporter: a yuan youon executive confirmed it say. >> leverage the condition to agree with seiu 10 to 1 to go bark to the bargaining table. >> reporter: earlier workers stared down semi trucks and came face to face with frustrated drivers. he says not making his delivery today cost him at least $500. >> it's a myth. i understand these people. they're doing for their right. but we have our right too.
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>> concern that some of them feel like this is taking money out of their pockets? >> we understand. butt port has been taking money out of our pockets now for about a year. >> reporter: members of seiu 1021 and the port have been deadlocked over a new contract for more than 200 clerical workers, electricians and other staff. shutting down shipping terminal wases a necessary step even if it means some truckers were caught in the middle. we're told port operations could be back up and running by 7:00 tonight. port officials and union leaders are scheduled to meet at the end of this month. >> workers from oakland international airportal took part in today's strike. many of those on the picket line were food and beverage workers who participated withforce, security electricians and maintenance workers. >> nurses at bay area hop
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hospitals are striking trying to push a new contract offer. it's the seventh strike in three months. nurses picketed at 10 hospitals across the bay area. two in san jose run by healthcare corporation of america. the other eight are sutter hospitals. nurses say the last offer has been on the table now for the past four months. the key issues are healthcare for part timers, sick days off and lower pay for new hires. >> crews are working to contain any fuel spill by a small plane that crashed into a harsh today. the cessna landed a mile southeast of the airport located at 400 smith ranch road this morning. investigators say engine problems are likely the cause of the crash. the pilot walked away with minor injuries. >> a fatal crash snarled traffic on interstate 80 this afternoon. a woman was ejected from one of two cars involved in the crash and pronounced dead on the scene. the collision happened just
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west of the offramp to willow avenue. you can see the backup in this video. officer blocked all eastbound lanes except for the far left lane while they investigated and cleaned up that accident site. >> the man suspected of killing a fellow hells angel member -- he's accused of shooting steve tausen. they were at the funeral of another club member. ruiz is scheduled to return to court december 18th. >> federal charges will stand against a former danville police officer linked to the cnet dirty dui scandal. a federal judge refused to dismiss the indictment. he pleaded not guilty to extortion and other charges back in may. he is one of four former law enforcement officers charged. he received drugs and weapons in exchange for making dui
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arrests of men currently involved in divorce cases. engineers say the new eastern span of the bay bridge has reached its last major milestone. the # 2000-ton bridge deck is now being held up by its mile long table. the table wraps around the deck and the tour like a giant sling. it's connected by 104 suspension lines. the bridge is on trk to open by labor day weekend next year. >> there is a call tonight for an ethics investigation. it stems from alleged damage in the amazon rain forest nearly 20 years ago. the state camp troller of new york improperly tried to push the oil giant to settle the claims. the comptroller denies the allegations. a man was sentenced to 21 minutes in prison today. he admitted asking his employer to funnel his salary and commissions to his wife and
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later to his separate company he created. he failed to report that include between 2004 and 2007. he must pay back more than $490,000. >> a south bay supervisor goes on the offensive. >> i don't want you to be distracted by political lynching that you read today. >> his statement about misusing his expense account. >> i'm mononorring the latest commuters models to find out when the worst of the rain could reach your neighborhood. coming up in 7 minutes. >> there's something suspicious about this fire. >> it could have been worse. >> we're asking if this is one more in a pattern of suspicious fires in this bay area city. uz
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an empty home is now the
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latest spot to draw the attention of arson investigators in vallejo. ken pritchett live in vallejo. >> reporter: there were three fires essentially overnight that the vallejo fire department resumed as suspicious. last night there was another suspicious fire. this is leave thing the fire department into investigating as to whether there is a link. when debra rodriguez walked us through the blackened basement of her home she said she felt anger and more. debra rents out this home but no one was living here last night. fire investigators determined it started down stairs. >> the fire appears to be incendiary. >> reporter: vallejo has had several arson fires in recent days. last thursday the village nightclub was set afire and
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gutted. >> hopefully they catch them soon. i don't want anybody being in a same position. out of a business or out of a home because of this gentleman who decided to excite himself with a fire. >> reporter: the bar was one of three properties involved in suspicious fires all within a 12 hour time span and always close to one another. last night's house fire was nearby. >> there's some similarities that look consistent with the other fires we've had. >> reporter: police are investigating whether there is a link. >> it's dangerous. we've been very fortunate that nonone has been hurt. i want to capitalize on that good fortune. >> reporter: vallejo police say they arrested an arson suspect who they say is connected to a number of fires.
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>> the head of the santa clara county supervisor is under fire from numerous agencies questioning his lavish spending. robert handa is live in san jose. >> reporter: a powerful name in the south bay. the late councilman had been honored in many ways. today his son is nighing to salvage his own name. george shirakawa jr. is being scrutinized by law enforcement, auditors and the public. the 50-year-old who recently filed for bankruptcy is being investigated. today in his first public statement he did address a mercury news editorial. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political lynching you read today. >> reporter: today the board
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heard about an on going county investigation on the use of the county credit card. his expenses since 2009 approach $40,000 including casino visits, hotels, golf trips and almost 200 restaurant meals. he has reported they are business related but when he speaks to constituents they want to hear about issues, not his spending. >> i haven't been talking about a tv that's in my office that i purchased in 2009. what we talked about is the recent shooting yesterday. >> reporter: some supervisors are skeptical. >> there's a siren in the community right now. right or wrong from your perspective that's demanding a response. >> when the reviews and inquiries are completed you'll hear a little bit more from me. >> reporter: there are a lot of inquiries underway. the county plans to release the results of its audit.
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>> the city of walnut creek is considering a whole new look for signs meant to make the city easier to navigate. the design process is underway for what's known as a way finding system where signs for parking, public attractions and driving have a cohesive look. >> the ceo of san francisco based sales force says the company has made its mark in the cloud. the company says it is the first to exceed $3 billion in annual revenue in cloud computing. sales for the quarter at $788 million in revenue. the stock rose to more than $148 a share. >> a new report finds silicone valley is at the top of the list for startups. the research grope named silicon valley first in
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categories including funding, repeat business and education levels. tel aviv came in second. >> it's been raining up north much of the day. it's raining hard. you talk to folks and find out there's light sprinkles here. light sprinkles there. in the north bay a consistent rainfall. live storm trackinger illustrates that. the front drapes itself over the north bay. san francisco at the north park. up by treasure island you have rain now. that's windshield wiper stuff. you see heavier rain. daly city you're getting significant or moderate rainfall. this is effectively putting a damper on that afternoon commute. we're in richmond right now. we have showers up in the richmond area as well. take a peek here. as we head to santa clara there
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have been reports of light drizzle. we haven't seen much in the way of heavy rainfall. this is going there. leaves it on the north bay. tonight it starts to move. not very fast. then it really starts to move ant 2, 3 in the morning. that's rainfall. it's coming down. you'll hear it. it's gone and then tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. some light sprinkles. like what we saw today. that's after the front goes through there's a lot of moisture lingering. we could see more drizzle. the roadways will be wet as you know from tonight but also some new stuff. the holiday weekend looks fine. forecast highs today or tomorrow are pretty warm. this is a pretty warm storm thus far. temperatures when the season comes out are going to be in the mid60s. the five day forecast for the weekend in view shakes out like
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this. we have mild daytime highs for sure. this is not a monster storm. it isn't a nuisance because we need rain. but it is moving. sprinkles here, sprinkles there. did you get them at your house. >> not until late afternoon. >> in the north bay it's really raining. when i come back at 10 the front should be starting to move. we'll pinpoint its timing then. >> thanks, bill. >> coming up at 7:00 on tv 36 we are on storm watch. >> weather causes cancellations and flight delays at sfo. >> and a vote today that may soon allow young people free rides on the bay area's busiest fran sit system. joins at 7 on tv 36. >> cal soleusessing season claims the team's coach. the bigship shakeup at cal football. uz
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walkers and bikers should have new trails to enjoy in the south bay now that funding is approved. the board of supervisors okayed $10 million for trail improvements. of that $4 million is earmarked
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for a bike bridge over highway 101. >> it will allow thousands of people each year to enjoy recreation in that beautiful area. >> and $400,000 will go toward the south bay section of the san francisco bay trail. >> mark is here with sports. had to figure it was going to happen after the season the cal bears had. >> 3-9 season could get vince lombardi fired. cal fans will tell you truth is really look at it closely. this program has been in decline since aaron rodgers left for the nfl. never a star quarterback developed. the team never won the conference outright. in recent years decline has ago vell rated to the point where cal became easy prey. most importantly the bears have the lowest graduation rate for their players in the pac 12. time for a change.
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>> make no mistake. we have ambitious goals for cal football. as an athletic program, as a university. and we have a broader definition of winning. it's wins in the win column. it's being great role models in our community. but winning is what we intend to do. >> meanwhile a team on the other side of the bay. in the nfl the 49ers future looks great. the here and now not bad either. this guy chasing quarterback. 5.5 sacks last night. everybody was talking prior to the game about who is better defense the bears or 49ers. i think that was answered as well. >> coming in i think there were questions about who may have been the better defense or questioning us in general. but i think obviously we came out and proved a point tonight. >> there was a lot of talk in chicago about defense. >> i think we showed it
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tonight. >> he's kind of a combination between haley and fred bean as well. the guy is just a freakish athlete in the best possible way you can call somebody freakish. >> two names that came to my mind as well. >> thank you. it came from the sea but it has mutated. tonight on the 10:00 news the potentially deadly virus scientists say has adapted to target humans. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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